fi-Blog:Social media marketing for a Finnish customer


We have been acting as an agent for FatCloth Oy since June 2018.

Our marketing area for them is Japan and we have run an Instagram account FatCloth Japan in Japanese. Instagram is very popular among Japanese people. Japanese users are not only consumers but also companies, so Instagram is a strong marketing tool for both BtoB and BtoC.

There are tons of users in the world on Instagram, so using hashtags and DM properly is important. A lot of Japanese people are not experienced to communicate in English, so receiving English DMs might frighten them, and they most likely to ignore them. Japan is a place full of things. It means they can get everything there and they are not necessary to take a risk of shopping in English. What they want is security. It can be reviews, easiness to contact customer service, and communication in natural Japanese.

If you are interested in social media marketing in Japanese, feel free to contact us. Let's talk about strategy for you! Contents and frequency of posting are negotiable.