Habitare 2018 Report


We visited Habitare at Messukeskus this year, too. Habitare is the biggest interior & design trade fair in Finland.

1. The impression of the fair

Chic color, greens, eco-friendly, ethical, hygge, and minimal.

There was a booth where people enjoyed flower arrangements. There were a lot of flower vases and pots. Coexist in nature is a core of Finnish culture, and it is also an essential element in its interior.

2. Differences from past years

In past years, designs were more colorful and eccentric, but this year's color tones and designs were soft. Product design and textile were as Finnish as before, and it means there were many products using wood and nature motifs beautifully.

The eccentric design should be respected as an art, but in the interior, timeless design is possibly more ecological because it isn't influenced by trend. Manufacturers must use environmental-friendly materials and manufacture in an ethical environment. Consumers are also responsible for selecting what we buy carefully and use it as long as we can.

3. In conclusion

This was not only for this time, but the special designs were wonderful. There were different kinds of printed fabrics and many small articles, but everything was arranged gracefully at all booths. The whole exhibition hall was sophisticated.

There were a lot of publishing companies' booths. It felt the popularity and demand of interior among the Finns. In Finland, many magazines are imported, but interior magazines are published in Finland, and people read them.

There was an eco-friendly and ethical theme corner in Habitare. Today is no longer the era when we buy what we want and consume. We, consumers, have to change our minds and choose products to make sure how things stand. This year's Habitare is such a learnable fair.

Photo: Ikada