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Finnish lifestyle

Sustainability is has been gradually widespread in Finland.

Secondhand shops and online free markets are popular here.

I am in a local flea market group on Facebook, and I enjoy posting for sale and buying. Sometimes I give away and receive stuff for free.

Every member lives in the same area, so it is usual for us to send a message like "Can I come to pick it up right now?" "Sure! My address is XXXX." When buying clothes, trying is important, so we sometimes try on clothes at sellers' places. We use cash and bank app for payment.

There seem to be many FB flea market groups in Finland. In some groups, they send stuff via mail. 

Siivouspäivä, the day anyone can do flea market freely outside, is a big chance for people who wants to clean up their closets and home. It's a joyful event for buyers and people just walking around. Clothes aren't suitable for the event as people can't try them outside.

A positive point of flea markets is selling prices can be higher than giving away to recycle centers.

Made to last. Sell to next users.
I'm impressed by the culture, so I started buying only necessary and long-lasting products.

The only flaw of the idea is that restaurants and cafes don't mind serving food on cracked plates and cups...