Briefly in English

Ikada is a Helsinki-based international business coordination office.

We are specialized in supporting projects between Finland and Japan. We act as a business coordinator to help our client's business development and collaborations irrespective of the industry. We will be a clients' partner from planning to implementation.


Your contact person. Helping you search for the correct business partners, attend and arrange meetings. We help you with all the information gathering and doing the necessary inquiries your business needs.

The language helper. We can help you with communication. We speak Japanese, Finnish, and English (and some Swedish too!)

Someone that takes your idea forward. Going to new markets, branding, thinking about strategies for your products, attending event booths, social media marketing, and websites.

Market research, writing, speaking and creating reports. Finding the correct needle from the haystack. We help your visit to Finland and Japan. We know the locals and how they experience their everyday local environments.



Japanese companies have sought help with matchmaking, and we have helped companies find Finnish graphic designers for their new product designs. We have acted as a matchmaker and have assisted projects in succeeding.

Product development support

We have acted as facilitators, organizers and managers in clients' projects and have helped intercultural communication. You do not need to speak your partners' languages or worry about cultural differences.

MaaS research support

Finland is a well-known MaaS country. Many Japanese companies and think tanks have researched the world's most advanced MaaS city, Helsinki, online and on-site. We have assisted in their research.

Assisting business visit in Finland

We have planned and arranged our clients' extempore business trips to Finland. We plan their trip so that our clients can make full use of their time in Finland. 

About Us

Ikada (Business ID: 2844298-6), the Helsinki-based international business coordination office, was established in 2017. We aim to connect Finnish and Japanese businesses and facilitate their cooperation projects with our expertise. We understand both Finnish and Japanese work cultures, and intercultural communication is our strength. We find our clients suitable potential business partners.

We help our clients from planning to implementation!

Our services include event and meeting organization and coordination, translation, tourism promotion towards Japan and Finland, research trip arrangement, internet marketing, and other supports and consulting for businesses' international activities.

Covid-19 has affected businesses' working style and communication in Finland, and remote work and online communication are becoming new standards. Onsite research and face-to-face meetings are important ways for Japanese companies to get to know new things and people, but now we need to think about how we can stay connected. In Helsinki, we are here to help clients communicate, network, research, and sell, both online and offline.

Ikada's founder

Anzu Lindroos

Team Ikada

Anzu Lindroos


Marketing / Business coordinator

Tel. +358451103198

Andreas Lindroos


Communication / Software developer

Tel. +358407025541

We are a member of the Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce.